What are the Most Romantic Restaurants in Western Texas?

Where to eat Valentine’s Day dinner near El Paso, TX

Every single year, countless couples anxiously await one of the best holidays of any calendar year: Valentine’s Day. We all know to love and support our significant others each day, but Valentine’s Day is always a good reminder to make sure we’re doing our best in this regard. That said, you may be trying to plan something special this year, and a great way to do that is with an unforgettable dinner, especially in a nice restaurant. Just in case you don’t already know where to eat Valentine’s Day dinner near El Paso, TX, we’ve got some top recommendations that you’re sure to love. Keep on reading for everything you need to know!

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Pot Au Feu

Whether you and your love are coming for the comfort food, happy hour drinks, or just the comfortable and relaxed environment, you’re sure to enjoy your trip to Pot Au Feu.


On the outside of Tabla, you’ll be welcomed by a patio with several fire pits and comfortable seating. On the inside, you’ll find tapas, cocktails, and plenty of other great foods and drinks.

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Café Central

Fine dining at its best, Café Central has a Southwestern menu that can be enjoyed from your choice of the elegant dining room, luxurious lounge, or gated courtyard. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the view and—of course—the food, too.


Another shining example of fine dining, Anson11 has an extensive menu with everything from healthy entrees to savory desserts. For those who aren’t counting calories, Anson11 is best known for its pizzas, steaks, and pasta. Book your reservation today!

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Now that you know where to eat Valentine’s Day dinner near El Paso, TX, check out our new car inventory. As you soon as you find the perfect car for you, schedule a test drive! We hope to see you and your boo real soon.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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