What is the Nissan TITAN Surfcamp?

The TITAN trucks have gone under the knife of Nissan on more than one occasion, and every single time they come out looking better than ever before! This time, Nissan has reimagined the TITAN XD as the beach-inspired TITAN Surfcamp! This, of course, raises the question, “What is the Nissan TITAN Surfcamp?” The good news is that we have a video of it right here; the bad news is that it’s not a production model. On the bright side, those who fall head over heels for it may be able to transform their Nissan TITAN XD into something very similar. Keep on reading to check out the video and learn all about the TITAN Surfcamp!

Read more: Official video of the Nissan Smokin’ TITAN

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What is the Nissan TITAN Surfcamp? - Charlie Clark Nissan Spanish

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