Nissan Brand Name Origins

What Is the Meaning of the Nissan Name? 

Have you ever heard a brand name and wondered where the name came from? In some cases, the name stems from the company’s founder, while in other cases the name is a completely made up word that just sounds cool. Yet, in other cases, there are some interesting origins behind the names of certain brands, and Nissan is one of them. 

Searching for this online, you may have found that the name Nissan is actually a boy’s name in Hebrew, meaning “miracle.” That may be true, but5 Nissan is an automaker from Japan, so we know that’s not likely where the name comes from.  

In fact, the meaning behind the Nissan name isn’t so much a “meaning” at all as much as it is an abbreviation. Actually, the name originates from the holding company Nihon Sangyo (or Nippon Sangyo), created in 1928. For stock market purposes, however, the name quickly took on the abbreviation Ni-San, or Nissan. 

Nissan didn’t begin work in car manufacturing until the mid-1930s. Tobata Casting, a Nissan company, was merged with Datsun, another auto brand now owned by Nissan. In 1934, the auto parts portion of the Tobata Casting business was separated and officially named Nissan Motor, beginning production of Datsun cars in Yokohama by 1935. Nissan branded vehicles would follow. 

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