Which Cars Offer Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror?

What is Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror?

For those who don’t know, Nissan has been on an innovative roll as of late. Between the all-new RDA system, the ProPilot Assist technology, and of course, the Automatic Emergency Braking system, Nissan has been stealing the show! Now, shortly after all of those accomplishments, Nissan is at it again. This time, it’s because of the Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-RVM). So, what is Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror?

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How Does Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror Work?

I-RVM is the first-ever intelligent mirror offered on a non-luxury SUV. This simple yet ingenious invention inserts a built-in LCD monitor within the traditional rearview mirror. When active, the I-RVM provides a clear view of the world directly behind your vehicle, unobstructed by any luggage, cargo, or even tall passengers in the back.The secret behind I-RVM is a rear-mounted camera, much like a backup camera. Unlike a backup camera, I-RVM will continue to work longer after you reverse out of a parking spot. I-RVM goes with you on the open road, being your eyes when you need them most. With the simple flip of a switch, your traditional rearview mirror switches to the I-RVM – free of any visual obstruction between you and your car’s bumper.

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We hope this has thoroughly answered your question – what is Nissan Intelligent Rear View Mirror? At this time, the 2018 Nissan Armada is the first and only non-luxury SUV to offer I-RVM. This innovative feature is only available on the Platinum trim of the 2018 Armada, but—as you can imagine—it is well worth the upgrade. We expect more Nissan cars to receive this awesome feature in the future, but, for the time being, the honor goes solely to the 2018 Nissan Armada.

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