See the Future of Nissan EV Design from the Tokyo Motor Show

side view of nissan imk concept

Nissan IMk Concept EV Design Features at 2019 Tokyo Motor Show 

It’s always exciting when Nissan comes out with a new vehicle, but from a design perspective, some of the most visually thrilling cars are those that don’t make it to production. We are talking about concept cars like the Nissan IMk EV, with enticing design features that will be unveiled at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. 

overhead view of nissan imk concept

Don’t get us wrong… Nissan models look amazing. But, when designing concept cars, automakers have the freedom to really stretch their creative wings and, in some cases, go a little crazy. The payoff is that some of those design cues will appear in future production models in some shape or form. In the case of the IMk concept, Nissan has created something particularly unique. 

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Interior Design Features in the IMk 

As for the exterior, we’ll let the photos do most of the talking. But, as you can tell, the design is compact, painted in a gorgeous gold color and has a boxy, yet futuristic, city car feel. 

Inside, Nissan designers wanted to go for the comfortable feeling of a café. Bench seats are equipped in the front… something that hasn’t been a feature in vehicles for decades but that definitely give a roomier feeling to the car. 

Though designed with a futuristic appeal, there are more traditional design elements in the IMk too, such as the wood slats. By using a technique known as kigumi to join the wood pieces, these elements bring a little bit of the outside world into the car and match well with the coffee-colored carpeting. 

nissan imk sttering wheel and dashboard

nissan imk infotainment screen hologram

nissan imk front seating space

Still, there is plenty of tech implemented in the IMk, such as interior accent lighting. In addition, you’ll find the IMk doesn’t have side door mirrors. Instead, cameras take their place, projecting a view of the car’s blind spot onto screens inside the cabin. 

The IMk concept is a great example of how Nissan is pushing the limits of automotive design and technology. To see what else Nissan is up to, check back to the Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso blog


See the Future of Nissan EV Design from the Tokyo Motor Show - Charlie Clark Nissan Spanish

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