Things to Do May 2017 in the El Paso Area

Diagonal view of yellow tulips and sunshine - May 2017 Events and Festivals in El Paso TX

May 2017 Events and Festivals in El Paso TX

As any Texan can tell you, El Paso, TX is a great place to live for a huge variety of countless reasons. One of our favorite things about El Paso is that there is never a lack of events going on in the area. No matter what your interests might be, there’s always something to do! Like any other month in the year, there are plenty of great May 2017 events and festivals in El Paso, TX.

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May the Fourth Be With Zoo

When: Thursday, May 4 2017 6-10pm

Where: El Paso Zoo

The earlier you get here, the better! The festivities will kick off with the lions destroying the Death Star… pinata. Darth Vader and his loyal Storm Troopers will be there, too, but not in the pinata. They’ll be too busy greeting fans and helping to celebrate one of their favorite days of the year. There will be several fun activities, so come on down and show the dark side what you’re made of!

Tequila, Taco & Cerveza Fest

When: Saturday, May 6 2017 2-8pm

Where: Cohen Stadium

Note that this event is only for people 21 years or older, so you may need a babysitter for this one. With the purchase of a $12 general admission ticket, you will receive entry to the infamous festival featuring some of the best tequila, tacos and cervezas in the entire world. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other mouth-watering options past the gate, and the entire festival will be a jaw-dropping experience.Blue Sky with sunshine and clouds - May 2017 Events and Festivals in El Paso TX

2017 Neon Desert Music Festival

When: Saturday, May 27 2017 and Sunday, May 28 2017

Where: Cleveland Square Park

One of the biggest music festivals in El Paso, Neon Desert returns in May 2017 and the lineup is just as good as it has ever been! Featuring acts from Hardwell to Logic to Foster the People, and so many more, music lovers of all genres will have a blast! 2-day general admission tickets start at $129.

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We hope this has helped you in your quest for some of the best May 2017 events and festivals in El Paso, TX. It wasn’t easy choosing our top three, but we hope they get you just as excited as they did for us. Our goal is also always to be of service in any way that we can. We’d also be happy to give you a tour of our inventory and help you find the perfect car for you! Whatever we can do to help!

It’s gonna be May!

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