Divide-N-Hide® Does Just That In Your New Nissan

How to Hide Valuables and Gifts In the Back of Your Car 

Whenever it may be necessary to leave gifts or other valuable items in your car for any period of time, it can make you feel pretty uneasy. Leaving those things in your vehicle where someone could break in and take them is far from ideal, but sometimes as you’re out running errands and shopping, that just ends up being the situation.  

But, there are ways to hide those valuable gifts in your vehicle. Of course, any sedan with a trunk is the best option. After all, nobody can see through a car trunk. But, when it comes to hatchbacks, crossovers and SUVs, it’s possible for passing ne’er-do-wells to snoop through the window to see what goodies you might have available. 

Our suggestion? Bring a blanket with you so that you can cover these items up. Keep one in the rear cargo area (it’s always good to have a blanket in your car anyway) and cover the items if you need to leave them in the vehicle unsupervised. The other option? Just buy a Nissan. 

Nissan Divide-N-Hide® Cargo Storage System 

In addition to creating a completely flat service in the back for safe cargo hauling, you can also pull out a shelf in the rear cargo area, allowing you to put items either underneath it or on top of it.  

Where things get really exciting, at least as far as hiding your belongings goes, is you can fold up another barrier connecting to the shelf. This will hide your items from both a top view and side view, so whether you have kids snooping for Christmas presents or some passersby looking to snag something that doesn’t belong to them, you can be sure everything is kept out of view. 

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Of course, this is just one exciting aspect of Nissan crossovers and SUVs. To learn more about anything and everything Nissan, check back to the Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso website blog

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Divide-N-Hide® Does Just That In Your New Nissan - Charlie Clark Nissan Spanish

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