How are tires made?

Where Tires Come From

Tires are pretty interesting things when you really think about them. The material is delightfully hard yet malleable, forming a pretty amazing solution for being able to roll your vehicle effectively and smoothly over a variety of surfaces. Have you ever wondered, “how exactly are tires made?”

The general tire-making process is as follows:

  1. Ingredients are blended into a liquid mix.
  2. The “gummy rubber dough” is cooled into rubber and cut into strips.
  3. The tire itself is constructed in a tire-building machine. Steel belts, beads, ply, tread and other components are assembled into their specific locations.
  4. Finally, the tire is “vulcanized” with hot moulds in a curing press. This compresses the various parts together into one seamless whole and gives the tire its final shape. This is also where the tread pattern is applied, and all the separately built layers are fused together. The tire is transformed from a weak and sticky substance to one that’s strong and elastic.
  5. A worker trims excess rubber, and final inspections are performed to confirm the tire-shape is geometrically correct and uniform.

What ingredients are in the rubber mix?

The exact ingredients and amount of each depends on what your tire will be optimized to do. But in general, up to 30 ingredients are used, including different types of rubber, fillers, and other ingredients. The whole mix is blended together in giant blenders known as Banbury mixers. Sounds satisfying, doesn’t it?

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What does it mean when a tire is “vulcanized?”

Vulcanize means to harden the rubber by treating it with sulfur at a high temperature. The process was invented by Charles Goodyear, with the name being derived from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

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