Best Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating in Western Texas

Halloween 2017 Trick or Treat Hours in El Paso, TX

Halloween isn’t as far away as it may seem. In fact, it’s creeping closer and closer to El Paso. The leaves are changing, the sun is setting earlier, and the night continues to grow longer. These are all signals that the world is nearly ready for Halloween 2017, and Charlie Clark Nissan El Paso can’t wait! Keep on reading to learn more about the Halloween 2017 trick or treat hours in El Paso, TX.

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What are the hours for Trick or Treat 2017?

While the 2017 hours may not be official just yet, past hours are the best foundation for forming educated guesses. That said, trick-or-treating in the El Paso area usually begins at 6 p.m. on the night of Halloween. Depending on the area, the fun typically comes to close at around either 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. That said, these hours are subject to change, so be sure to keep up with the latest news in your area.

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Best El Paso Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat

In recent years, there have been a few standout neighborhoods in the El Paso area that are simply better than the rest for trick-or-treating. The most popular neighborhoods for trick-or-treating near El Paso, TX are follows:

  • The Willows – A smaller neighborhood in West El Paso, this trick-or-treat destination is known for two things: great candy and early bedtimes. Those who get there early go home very happy.
  • North Hills – A good amount of candy awaits in North Hills, but so does a large crowd of local kids who are all eager to get their sugar! For those who don’t mind a big turnout, North Hills is a good spot.
  • The Emeralds – Not all El Paso neighborhoods offer American and Mexican candy at Halloween, but the Emeralds in Horizon City sure do. Just be sure to get there early, as they are also known for running out of candy.
  • Los Paseos – For trick-or-treaters in the Eastside, Los Paseos is your one-stop destination for Halloween 2017. Full-size chocolate bars, haunted houses, and so much more awaits.
  • Kern Place – Finally, the most popular neighborhood in all of El Paso for Halloween has been Kern Place for many years now. The combination of top-notch candy and Halloween fanatics residing in the area continues to keep Kern Place as the most popular trick-or-treating destination in the El Paso area year after year.

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We wish we could’ve been more helpful with the Halloween 2017 trick or treat hours in El Paso, TX, but we hope our tips on the best neighborhoods will help to sweeten your Halloween 2017. With so much candy awaiting in those neighborhoods, you may just need a bigger car to haul it all home. Check out some of the full-sized vehicles in our inventory and schedule a test drive today! Want our service team to give your current car a checkup while we’re out? Just schedule an appointment and they’ll take good care of it.

We hope to see you soon!

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