3 Reasons to Road Trip Instead of Fly

When planning a trip, one of the first details to determine is how you plan to reach your destination. In most traveling situations in the United States, the main options involve either driving or flying. There are benefits and fallbacks to using either mode of transportation, but we’re here to tell you that there are several benefits to taking a road trip over flying. Check out 5 reasons to road trip instead of fly below.

Benefits of Road Tripping vs Flying in the United States

If you’re planning a trip from one state to another (with the exception of Hawaii), you can get there by driving. Whether you’re heading from El Paso to Wisconsin or from Florida to Vermont, you can reach your destination within a few days. Let’s go over a few benefits of driving instead of flying.

Save Money

If you’re traveling with a family, whether or not you have a fuel-efficient vehicle, a few tanks of gas cost less than several airplane tickets, regardless of the destination. Additionally, you don’t have to pay extra to carry luggage or worry about navigating your way through an airport in a time crunch.

Make it an Adventure!

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While driving from state to state, you’re destined to pass through a few exciting cities, landmarks or natural areas. Pullover and enjoy everything these places have to offer! The United States is filled with natural beauty, no matter which state you’re in. Plus, you never know, some of the most memorable moments of your trip might happen while hiking through a national park during a spur of the moment pit-stop!

Bond with Your Travel Companions

Whether your road trip lasts a few hours or several days, it’s a great opportunity to bond with the family or friends you’re traveling with. With intuitive technology like Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, it’s easy for a singalong to break out while streaming music from a smartphoneOn top of that, spending several hours with the same group of people makes conversation inevitable.

Make Sure to Schedule Service Before Your Road Trip!

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